ZOMG I Pwntxor Life, Ding 27

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Another long grind of green puppy death bubbles. I had to even push a new zone that encroached on my comfortability of killing green whiz.

Holy shit another year. Where did the tim…cliché….cliché.….cliché.

First things first. I successfully bewitched my lovely special someone with my mad chimp ju ju. Without her this year would have been a quite depressing and an utter failure of what life and happiness should be. I am a very lucky man to have found such a competent human that puts up with my severely failing maturity.

Residing in a New Country

Moved to Deutschland to be with said aforementioned uber special person. Best decision ever. Its cold. I love it. It rains. I absolutely love it.

New Position in the Same Profession

Working for a small company as a wordpress gibbon jabbering away at custom fields. Not much to say. I do get to work for some cool clients once in a while. People are chill. Its a good gig.

New Igloo with a Space Heater

Got me one of them schmancy fancy homes. A smart built eco apartment building. Love it. Has a modern look and feel. I even have a Trek and Star Wars Classics Posters framed up on the wall next to the tv (again my significant other’s ability to make me know happiness in its purest). Built from cement and solid wood, its the perfect kinda fungi shui to get my geek on.

Some Other Tidbits of Scheiße that Happened this Year

** Had a New Years goal of reading thirty books this year. Nailed it, and still pushing for more!

Game of Thrones is still awesome even though they killed everyone.

Refactored my over redundant shit facade of a portfolio into this blog. With its minimalist design, built strictly for writing has made me quite happy-proud.

Went and saw the real Disney castle. The story behind why the castle is unfinished isn’t exactly a fairy tale however.

Realised I suck at foreign languages. Its aggravating. I’m a pain about it, but its coming along.

Went to London, and saw the “Real” Platform 9 & 3/4. Was at the snake exhibit that Dudley fell into at the London Zoo. Pygmy Hippos. Big Ben. The Eye. Shit ton of fish and chips and air temp beer. Die Hard with Ninja’s. Hell of a trip with my best bud und meine Liebling.

Switched to Android after years of Apple loyalty….they have propriety power cables too. Head slap, there all monkey taint eaters.

The Walking Dead season opener was ehhhh ….still not gonna stop me from watching.

Took a trip to Berlin. Saw the Wall. Took pictures. Saw Brandenburg Gate. Berlin Zoo (I really love Zoo’s). Museums. More Monuments. Beer. Lotsa snow.

Missing family and friends. Soon the family missing will be rectified, friends TBD. Come visit!

Had my first white christmas. Christmas market in Hamburg is amazing, you should come visit if you can.

Went to the Hamburg Aquarium at the start of the year, and the Zoo more recently.

It’s been nearly a year since i’ve driven a car. After working in LA for a couple months, a year off from driving was exactly what I needed.

For that matter its been about a year since i’ve tee’d off. Ill have to remedy that one as its far more pressing.

New Friends, Acquaintances, and a new Me.

So how am I Spending my Birthday?

For one I’m sick, however not worried about it. Meine Girlie bought me the Die Hard funfe-trilogy. Yippie Kay Yay Mother Fucker. Beer. Friends and love. Couch. Games. Writing. Dinosaur chicken fingers. Not much more to say about a good day :)

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