What should I write about?

  Jason wrote this on Aug 06 2013 / 0 comments

I think there are a lot of people that start blogs, they think to themselves this could get my views out there. I have so much to offer in advice and what not. I can change the world. Then before it begins its over.

When you go to actually write you’ll be commonly faced with “shit if I post this, someone at work is gonna think im talking about them and fire me” or “I’m gonna lose a close friend because they’ll take this topic personal”. Whats funny is most of the time im faced with these situations thats mostly true. I wish to fix someone’s view on things. To shake up the arrogant, selfish, pointless lives our society has deemed as grandeur in some sense.

I read a book recently about introverts in a world that wont stay quite. its called: “Quite”, Absolutely loved that book, was completly true and honest.

In the early chapters it describes what self help books were, and what they are now. The gist of it is that the most commonly used words in self help books circa a long ass time ago, were where like character, honor, self worth. Yet what they are now, is all about outward plastic behavior that means nothing. Words like charasmatic and out going. Its funny cause we have a whole society that is outgoing and charasmatic but doesnt actually understand what they are doing, nothing has real value anymore.

Oh right back to my topic.

So what do I write? Should I worry about the ramifications of pushing my beliefs? Do I phrase my objectives so I dont hurt anyones feelings? Ruin my career? Personal life? Cause a shit hate troll fest for some false religious taboo topic?

I wish I knew where to draw the line, all I can offer is this

To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.


ps, I normally hate quotes, but this one just made sense.

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