Trying to decide your next MMO?

  Jason wrote this on Jul 26 2013 / 0 comments

Well its not exactly the newest game, but im damn well hooked on SWTOR right now. Shit its so Uber!

## The Why

I’m a solo gamer. Doesn’t mean I don’t like the MMO universe. See the thing is, those games have massive worlds and super long play through times, tons of items, and ways to build your character. Can’t beat that. Anyways the biggest reason I love this game is the story. I don’t even play with other people, so having quest after quest of hard hitting story tickles pickle. I can’t get enough. It also doesn’t take months to level and get through it. Im usually a one character kinda guy, but I was so curious that I have 4 characters that i’m actively playing just to feel out all potential story lines.

On top of all that there’s a legacy chart where you can define how each of your characters are related, like siblings and arch enemies and what now. Completely adds to the rp of it all. I don’t normally play evil characters, but because of this I’m enjoying playing the bad guy cause he’s the arch enemy of my main, a Guardian Jedi.

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