The Problem With Recommending Books

  Jason wrote this on Jun 26 2013 / 0 comments

I read qute a bit. I’m also a member of goodreads. That site is awesome. It allows me to keep track of the books I have read, and the ones I want to read. I regularly update it if you want to know whats up with me.

Anyway’s I hate it when people recommend a book and tell me I have to read it, then actually buy me the book. At this point your obligated to read it, and when you dont your racked with profound guilt every time they bring it up.

I also have a problem with people saying, “This book saved my life” or “That book changed my life”. I seriously bought into that for a long time. But seriously..Seriously?!  I read this book and that book looking for answers to questions I hadn’t even posed yet. The most you’ll ever find is tips and steps you’ll never follow that will just make you feel guilty for not following the steps. Even though they probably would not have done a damn thing anyways.

The meditative process 

If your looking for life changing advice you’ll find it in corners of books in the pages you’d never expect. OR from actually living life. Not from a blatantly labeled “self help” book.

I personally find advice from storys and fiction the most meaningful to my life. For one its meditative for me to read what I want to read. When someone gets me a book I feel responsible to read it, thus the meditative part of all the act goes out the window.

I’m actually on a book challenge of 30 books this year. Last year I read 27 books. I used to read as kid and slowly stopped over the years. Last year was a really hard year on me, so I started reading again. If it wasn’t for that escape I would have have a really tough time with everything going on.

So far its the end of June and I’m at 21 books. Go me! I’m going to for sure beat my high score.

The guilt

I personally have a book on my shelf right now that I feel so guilty for not reading yet. The person that gave it to me is very close in my life too. I just can’t bring myself to read it. I don’t care it was on the New York Times best seller list….It’s just not my kinda book.

Maybe I’ll just be honest next time.

In the end

So next time you want to buy or tell someone to read a book. Don’t! or at least just word it that its a great book that’d they benefit from reading and don’t bring it up again. Unless they do.

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