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Last year started with kind of a downfall in my life. Ya know the little quarter life crisis. The one where shit just goes wrong. Well a few things/people saved my ass from total break down. One was Reading.

I used to read quite a bit as a kid then over the years it slowly went downhill to a few novels a year. Well last year im proud to report that I read 27 Novels. It all started with Brent Weeks books the Night Angel Trilogy. But then I found these two guys and now I cant stop reading books. Any free time I have I can be found reading.

Patrick RothfussName of the Wind

This dude is an absolute G. He went to college for a serious long time, studied everything. And now wrote a bitchin kick ass book. Bigger than the encyclopedia britannica, but its so fuckin good who gives.

Follows the life of Kvothe. You’re introduced early to his heroic deeds, but the story is from his perspective and what actually happened to earn him the titles, honors, and reputation he received throughout his life (good & bad). Cant wait for the third book, just hope I don’t have to wait a century 😉

Jim ButcherThe Dresden Files

Seriously, I cant stop reading these freakin books! Ive been reading one after the other for months, now on book 13 or 14 depending on how you look at it. Shit there so good.

Follows the story of a wizard detective, who’s cocky, arogant, a profound wise ass, but cant stop helping people in need. Albeit he fights it, but he cant help it. Ughhh its so good, I want to talk about it, but dont want to ruin it for you. Just go read it, Verdammt!

ps, my girlfriend is awesome :) She found and bought me this!


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