My Read Through The Nightingale’s Lament (Nightside #3) by Simon R. Green

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Author: Simon R. Green
Page Count: 217
Published: April 27th 2004
Publisher: Ace

Back Of The Cover

“In the Nightside, the hidden heart of London where it’s always 3 AM, Detective John Taylor must find an elusive singer known as The Nightingale. Her silken voice has inexplicably lured many a fan to suicide–and Taylor is determined to stop her, before the whole neighborhood falls under her trance. But to catch the swift-winged Nightingale, he’ll have to hear the deadly music–and survive.”

My Honest to Spaghetti Monster Thoughts

These books are little flakes of gold. Pure Macaroni Cheese!

I normally read tomes of epic fantasy, but the nightside series is one of those guilty pleasures I have. The size of the book is the most intriguing part to me. I can knock one of these books out in a day, perhaps two if I have to work. So if you don’t have a decent attention span, but crave full plots, intriguing well thought out characters, and some great action, then read this series.

But don’t be put off by the size. He’s got some severe plot building skills, and it moves appropriately between each situation very well, without leaving you uniformed or clueless as to what the hell is happening.

I definitely like this book proportionally better then the second, even though I’ve no problems with the second. Mostly because of a new character introduced in this one. [SPOILER]Dead Boy, an obviously dead dude that is on a quest of redemption, but because he’s dead has a hard time giving a shit about most anything. At one point he’s eating a cigar rather then smoking it. No reason given other then maybe it gives him a new reaction, but its awesome.

*Oh and the plot thickens, still don’t really know anything about his parents, specifically his mother, but the hints are killing me! [/SPOILER]

Bottom Line: Very Enjoyable

If You Like This …

You’ll want to check out The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. Detective in Chicago who actually lists himself as a Wizard in the phone book. This series is by far my favourite brain candy series of all.

The Alex Verus Series by Benedict Jacka. This series is sick. They’re perhaps a little bit longer then the Nightside series, but not much. The covers on those book are some of my favourites. It follows a chance mage who can see the threads of possible immediate futures. Oh, he runs a magic shop in London.

The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne. Follows a druid whose been alive longer then Jesus. The books have a seriously cool plot element where beliefs hold enough power to create that which is being believed. Anyways, everyone wants a piece of Atticus, so its mainly him trying to survive the onslaught of any God or mythological creature you can think of.

The Peter Grant Series by Ben Aaronovitch. Another damn good series to check out. Takes place in London..again..I guess London is very popular lately. Any-who follows Peter Grant a constable that one night while patrolling sees some shit that just can’t be unseen, gets recruited into a secret above the law, but not really apart of the law division of one guy, Nightingale, who takes him on as an apprentice. Has some sweet Genius loci machinations built in to the story too.

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