A Misunderstood Life

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If you struggle with the intricacies of everyday life, watch this.


The One Book


I read Susan’s book some months ago, and it was/is the only book to ever capture any resemblance to who I am. Which is sad because I know I’m not alone.

In a way, as corny as it sounds, it started me on a path to accepting my true nature. How can that be bad?

My favorite section was actually close to the beginning where she made a reference to studies done from last century to this century about what qualities the books of their time were eliciting:

Pre 1920’s Post 1920’s
1 Citizenship 1 Magnetic
2 Duty 2 Fascination
3 Work 3 Stunning
4 Golden Deeds 4 Attractive
5 Honor 5 Glowing
6 Reputation 6 Dominant
7 Morals 7 Forceful
8 Manners 8 Energetic
9 Integrity

This is when I became hooked. A slight case of the grass greener, perhaps?


“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Jim Rohn

I think perhaps in my case I was the product of the intolerance and miscommunication of opinions of said 5 [not the same 5 at all times mind you]. I almost used bigotry, however I do not intend people to think I am writing to slander them. I think people have given this word special meaning that turns it derogatory (or im wrong and it is derogatory…sorry).

big·ot·ry – intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.

Not void of friendship, but not from understanding either. It was not until recently, maybe the last two years, that I have learned enough to cast aside the will of what society makes of me, and to redefine myself. Trust me its been a sometimes lonely, medicated, constant search of a journey. And that’s ok. It’s much better now.

Oh and for your reference, seeking solitude and being alone are two different things. Next time you see someone alone maybe its not out of loneliness or some pejorative dissent…

The Apology

Just as I have been judged, so too did I cast it. Being misunderstood brought about frustration and anger that would lead to unspeakable insults (in both directions). What kind of friendship is that?

Instead of learning and trying to understand I would hide away from dealing about situations. And so I apologize for my failure of forthcomings.

Watch the TED talk, read the book. Maybe society will seem just a little more cozy.

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