May 2015 Reading Madness Wrap-Up

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I had quite a great reading month. I haven’t been able to read 6 books in a month since January when I was vacationing in the states. Earlier this month my significant other and myself had a great weekend where I was introduced to the baltic sea. Quite beautiful I must say. That and the seemingly endless fields of rapeseed flowers was beyond beautiful.

On To The Books I Read:

1) Foxglove Summer (Peter Grant #5) by Ben Aaronovitch

I was a little bit wary of reading on in this series, but the end of the last book left me seriously hanging. I had to know what-t-f was going to happen next. There may not have been any answers that I wanted, but there is a damn Unicorn in this book! And the author wrote it in in a way that doesn’t leave me pissed at serious over reaching.

Can’t wait for the next book, suppose to hit November 19th 2015. If ya like Dresden Files or The Nightside books. This is a great choice to pick up in between reads.

2) The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy #2) by Douglas Adams

These books are always great. As most non-avid readers never make it past the first book, I am now superior :). I think I put off reading these books till recently because non-geek self proclaimed geeks who in there indie-faux lifestyle search get off on the nonchalantwitticism of that movie. Which was great. But f*** me, they’re right. I should have read these before.

[Spoiler] Best part of the book by far, was an immoral alien whose mission is to insult every single person, ever, even inventing time travel to do it, out of sheer boredom. He shows up at exactly the right moment to offend our Author Dent exactly at the wrong moment for his psyche. I’m still giggling thinking about it. [/Spoiler]

3) Life, the Universe and Everything (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy #3) by Douglas Adams

Everything is a joke, so what better thing to do then search for the meaning of life?

This one actually has a recognizable plot amist the endless humour. Ancient evil aliens shit bent on destroying the universe. Who incidently are named Krikket and a whole bunch of humour insues after watching a game of cricket.

Oh and Ford Prefect decides to go insane, you know, to see what it feels like.

4) Agents of Light and Darkness (Nightside, #2) by Simon R. Green 

The first book in this series was pretty cool, but it was no Dresden Files book, or Iron Druid book. BUT…. I now disagree with myself. These books are short, action packed, awesome little books. Even though there seriously short, there seriously freakin great. 

Taylor can find anything in the Nightside. This time around he’s been commissioned to find the Unholy-Grail, the cup that Judas drank from… Yup, and Angels, Demons, and every other nasty wants it first. 

With Taylor’s witty rhetoric and the semi horror plot, this little books got everything I like in a book. Must read series if your into Urban Paranormal.

5) The Mote in God’s Eye (Moties #1) by Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle

This book was a trip. I’ve previously read a few of the Ringworld books by Larry Niven so I had an idea of what I was getting myself into. Ringworld is on my list of Favorite books of all time, and now Larry Niven has done it again. This was the craziest most believable version of first contact I have ever read. 

Seriously thought-provoking and worth your time if you care to wonder and think of what-if’s and could-be’s…

6) Nightingale’s Lament (Nightside #3) by Simon R. Green

I’ve already written a review for this here. Heres an excerpt:

I definitely like this book proportionally better then the second, even though I’ve no problems with the second. Mostly because of a new character introduced in this one.[SPOILER]Dead Boy, an obviously dead dude that is on a quest of redemption, but because he’s dead has a hard time giving a shit about most anything. At one point he’s eating a cigar rather then smoking it. No reason given other then maybe he gives him a new reaction, but its awesome.

*Oh and the plot thickens, still don’t really know anything about his parents, specifically his mother, but the hints are killing me! [/SPOILER]

Wrap Up

I do plan on writing reviews, eventually, for all these books + all books i’ve ever read. Be patient :) Ill add links to them as soon as I finish writing them. But by the jeebus I read faster then I write!

Damn that took a while to compile. I’ll post my upcoming June reads here in a day or so, plus ill write something about my summer to-read list. I’ll be in Ireland for two weeks in June, renting a little cottage along the coast of one of the lakes. Very excited to visit, also very excited to read some epic fantasy during my trip, as I did on my trip to Scotland which had greatly enhanced my adventurous attitude while I was there.

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