June Reading Wrap and an Ireland Vacation

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Quickly To The Books

A little less then I normally read, but I was seriously sick for most of the month, and I had a two week vacation in Ireland. I did read a lot, but from a mess of different books at the same time. Couldn’t stay focused. All good though, thats my prerogative

1) Honor among Thieves by James S.A. Corey

I was so worried about reading a Star Wars book that was just going to be irrelevant once the new movies came out, so I picked up this one. It takes place between EPISODE IV and EPISODE V. I figured that way I didn’t have to worry to much, as the main plot is already there to watch.

This book offers a glimpse at what they’re up to. What Leia and Han are doing to keep the Rebel Alliance going under the pressure of the Federation. A found hidden weapon that CANNOT fall into the Empires hands by any means possible. The book mostly follows Han. 

My full review here.

2) Hex and the City (Nightside #4) by Simon R. Green

I really really wanna talk about spoilers right now … But I hate when people do that. You know your reading and your eyes glance at just enough words to see a character you love die, or someone you hate win.

Anywho, again I loved this book. They keep getting better and better. The first couple were slow to start, but now they’re going strong. Ranked up there with the Iron Druid Chronicles, Alex Verus series, or the Peter Grant books.

3) Half a King (Shattered Sea, #1) by Joe Abercrombie

I was at book store in Ireland when I saw this. Ya know, can’t leave a bookstore without buying something. After I got back to the cabin we were staying in, I read the first chapter and ended up reading the whole book that day.

Damn it’s freakin good. A classic fantasy. Betrayal, vengeance, character growth. Mostly takes place on board a small ship. Something about books that have that get me going. The dynamics of life at sea are terrible interesting. Anyways this is now on my All-Time-Favorites. A for sure must-read!

I’ll get a review up for this soon.

I’m Afraid That’s All

I’ve made a significant dent in Perdido Street Station, but I had to give up my kindle on vacation to my girlfriend who was itching to read Dresden Files. The fact that she’s reading it was worth it, and worth mentioning here.

Oh and I’m just about done with Half the World by Joe Abercrombie. He’s releasing the final book later this month! From what I’ve read its pretty A-W-E-S-O-M-E! They’re so easy and addicting to read. Smooth.

This Month, July

  • Half the World (Shattered Sea #2) by Joe Abercrombie …  well I actually finished while writing this. Fuckin love this series. Such a good fantasy series, maybe my favorite I’ve read in the last year or two.
  • Sandman Slim (Sandman Slim, #1) by Richard Kadrey … was reading reviews on goodreads and saw Patrick Rothfuss gave a pretty glowing review. I’ve read the first chapter and already hooked. Especially after the line of “Down in the asshole of creation …”. Books got some really creative metaphors and sailor talk.
  • Paths Not Taken (Nightside #5) Simon R. Green. Gotta know whats gonna happen. We finally know what’s up with his past and heritage. Itchin to get my hands on a copy. Local shop didn’t have it unfortunately, so need to order it still.
  • Half a War (Shattered Sea #3) by Joe Abercrombie. If I can get my hands on it, I’ll drop whatever I’m doin to read this finale.

Since I had such a slow reading month, I’m only added these four this month.

Guess Where I Went This Month? IRELAND!

The first week I spend in a beautiful cabin. I was sick as cheeze-ballz, but it happens. Took that time to see some incredible sights.


My Pretty Face, and the Cliffs of Moher on my left



Cliffs of Moher on my right



And some beautiful beaches 



Then the last 3 days went to Dublin. Great city. Best part? The Long Room! A beautiful library. Sorry bout the shit photos, way too many people and light shinning in for my comfort zone.







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