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I am a web artificer, book enthusiast, and ....

Everyone hates writing these, everyone always says they're no good talking about themselves in some way to feign their narcissim, and then everyone goes on to write their about page.

Heres me doing all three.

Also: I dont buy into the idea that these need to be short, if your not intersted then click back to the blog.

Personal Life

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Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school. Albert Einstein


I was forutnate to grow up in an area where the high school I was to attend is accredited with being of high respect in all of the US. Esperanza High School. Of course all I can really say I learned was HTML, a sense of hate for un-empathetic blowhards, and how to avoid them. I'm sure it wasn't that bad, but who the hell ever remembers the miniscule good parts.

After being dumped out of high school and having no idea what to do, I decided to go to a Community college. I had first signed up for a Tech School, but the idea of my parents putting their house up as collateral didn't sit so hot with me.

I was on track for getting a degree in Computer Science for the first two years. Which entailed only GE classes. When, however, I took my first programming class, which was a single day a week extended class, and when I finished the entire semester of projects on the first day while the teacher droned on I realized I made a gross educational mistake. So for the next four years I studied mosty Art histroy of all around the world, a weekling swim for fitness class, and a tennis class with a teacher more sarcastic then me (its quite a story).

I have more credits then needed, but none in the right areas for one of 'em silly parchments.


I'm awesome. I read a lot of books. I currently love building wordpress sites. Oh, and this is my blog, which is mainly about my geeky interests, being an introvert, and my travels.


You may reach me at jasonrogers.ca [at] gmail [dot] com