Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

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Fantastic. Fantastic! Why the RedactedProfanity did I not read this when [one sec need to check] I was 11! Back when I was 11 I was plowing my way through Magic the Gathering books as I was super obsessed with the card game.

I have watched the movies a 100 times, in order each time cause I’m a nut. My friend who incidentally got me into Magic the Gathering can attest to this as I’ve forced him to watch them with me several times (in between copies time wasted gaming sessions).

I guess the first tidbit I was surprised about was the size of the first book. At a whopping 310 pages I ployed through this in two nights just reading before ZZZ time.

Also I would mention the awards it has received, but..no. There are to many!

The real joy of the book was for sure the little pieces of information not presented in the movies. Such as in the [SPOILER] beginning the motorcycle that Hagrid comes in on was loaned to him from Sirius Black, obviously before he was persecuted as a war criminal against the Potters. AND before we were even introduced to Sirius till book/movie 3! [/SPOILER] That was the real job of the book for me.

The author must have planned almost everything out before writing the books. Genius and well thought out. I know the whole story cause I watched the movies, but having the foreknowledge seriously makes me see the characters different. How they behave, and treat each other….ohhh I just want to read this one again.

Go read it, and read it to your kids.

[I feel quite clever for putting the 5 bolts instead of stars]

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