False Community

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Have you ever worked at such a place where all that mattered was work output? Even a regard for time meant little. The employees end up working late, self confidence and moral diminish. Cohesion fails. Managers fight for no other reason than to lay blame and responsibility on others just so they continue to receive pay checks.

Complete agonizing entropy.

The problem is there is no solution for this. Well there is one, but since most managers aren’t nothing more the money mongering zealots then this solution won’t happen. The bottom line is people in charge are to pussy shits to fire anyone. Oh and just to be clear, I’m also talking about managers of managers too.

It is definitely a hard skill to attain.

Most managers make friends with their employees and for a time this works. Until jealousy happens. I would also argue that most people that are put into leadership roles have no real leadership traits. Its a issue of seniority, when a position opens up. They will put people that have been there longer in charge, for no other reason than because jealousy will ensue. Its really a shame.

Point of order, if your employees need to be managed and can’t “supposedly” function properly without you dick-tating all the time then maybe you either shouldn’t be allowed to tell people what to do or things need to change. Noticed I quoted supposedly? Well your meaning of order may be incorrect, so open up.

Oh and another thing, the people that make up the majority of the world are the workers. So start giving a fuck about there daily life and not only when problems are affecting things.

Its no longer a battle of alpha braun, but of who has the most arrogant rhetoric and slight of words to demolish the fight in others.

Shameful micro monarchism.

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