Book Review: Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life

  Jason wrote this on Jul 23 2013 / 0 comments

birdbybirdI fell for this book very early in its chapters. You always hear of those books that change your life. You know the half fortune cookie and half tricks to better your life. The ones that say follow this for six months and you’re a whole new person. For a procrastinator these books only serve to further the guilt.

I chose to spread the read of this book out over two week instead of the usual quick weekender book. I couldn’t have been more right about this. On the subway to work every morning I would read a chapter or two and this would give me enough to think about for the day.

The book does wonderfully laying in the bird by bird concept. And beautifully. Not by beating in to you, but by stories and explaining the authors own struggles in dealing with pertaining situations.

Completely recommend this book to anyone, not just the writer types. It has definitely become a permanent nightstand resident of mine.

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