Being selfish may not be your fault, at least not entirely

  Jason wrote this on Jul 01 2013 / 0 comments

I personally have the biggest issues with selfish people. I don’t know how to explain it, but selfish people are the bottom of the low’s low in my blog.

But you know it may not be your fault. The common work environment breeds a heavy cut throat attitude.

For instance when your boss consistently comes to you asking you to work on things and spend time doing this then that. At some point you build up the courage and say I’m busy. Then you start saying it more frequently. See the thing is you do good work so your boss doesn’t argue. Then after a while there’s a new employee who the boss starts going to. You best fuckin believe that employee is going to hate you.

You keep saying you don’t have time, just so you can leave on time every day, but this new employee is required to do all the work.

I think this scenario comes up quite a bit. At least at what I do for a living as a programmer. As soon as someone realises they can pull that shit, things just get bad for everyone else on the team. The fact of the matter is at least for me is someone needs to properly be involved with the capabilities of the team and DICTATE these items of information to everyone. (this means knowing how long items take)

The problem is that most people are to timid to say things can’t be done, so they give in and mess with the whole team by not being honest.

Anywho, I still hate selfish people, but maybe I can forgive just a little bit. I will start raising hell though when I see it from now on instead of ignoring this flavour of personality.

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