2014 New Years Resolutions

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This is how I spent New Years in Hamburg Germany. Was quite the experience, and will not soon forget.

Spectacular show albeit a little frightening with the craziness. Where im from you definitely cant buy fireworks like the shit they sell at the local k-mart equivalent.

The choice of no new years resolutions

Watched a video by a google guy, Matt Cutts. Found him years ago while doing SEO work at my previous employer. I tend to check up on him once in a while, see what he has to say and what not. Anywho he did a TED talk, and he talked majorly about 30 day tryouts for new things. It has sparked a interest in me. So maybe ill have monthly resolutions. But I really am looking for a noncommittal no pressure yet productive year.


I saw this crap plastered onto my Goodreads account, and that little beautiful square just enticed me to put a number there…Verdammt!


Last years goal was 30, and I ended up reading 45. However at around 27 I was getting very anxious and nervous and the prospect of finishing was giving me jitters. Then I finished it like 3 months ahead of schedule so I’m not sure what the hell my deal was. I think ill keep it simple and put 25 this year. Easy number, and gives me time to maybe do some other stuff I’ve been hoping to get into.

Heres a list of things that I’ll give myself permission to do, but not beat myself over not doing.

1. Exercise
2. Drink tea on a very regular basis
3. Get a rock climbing membership—guess that could go hand in hand with exercise
4. Write weekly here about whatever the hell strikes, anything

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