2 Awesome Bits Of News I found This Week Relating to Books

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So this has me excited more then anything! I love the Expanse Series. I’ve even recommended these books above any others recently to my Sci Fi friends. The book in question is Leviathan Wakes (Gonna redo that review soon, doesn’t do it justice).

. . . And A Shannara TV Show!

Yeah we all know that most tv shows and movies based on books blow. BUT it seems that lately the industry has grown up a lot. I mean Game of Thrones is pretty sick.

SOOOO I haven’t actually read the first few books, but I have read the three Dark Legacy books in the series. BUT there is something like 29 books, and so far there just working off the Elfstones of Shannara book. So much material they have to play with. If it takes off it could be a huge deal.

Here’s a goodreads reading order list: https://www.goodreads.com/series/99160

I think next month . . . 

I’ll go ahead and add a book from each of these series into my next month to-read list.

Of course with the news from E3 that there will be a Final Fantasy 7 remake and Fallout 4 is announced, I’m quite a happy guy.

I also saw something about how the The Dark Tower series by Stephan King is gonna be brought to the screen, but I dont know much about the deal . . . but that’s still news.

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